ST.BEHANANS, Higher Secondary School,
Vennikulam. Pathanamthitta, Kerala.

About the school

 St Behanans Higher Secondary School was established in 1916 in the name of saint Behanan. Earlier the school waunder st behanans Orthodox church vennikulam and that time  it was calked English middle school Vallankara having class only up to seven standard. Wellwishers of school tied hard  to upgrade  the middle school  into high school and government  approved their request in 1962 hereafter the school was known as st behanans high school vennikulam. Gradually school become a part of catholicate and M D school management of Malankaraborthodox church. In the academic year 200-01 marked another land mark in the history of school as higher secondary section begins in this year with two science batches and one commerce batch. Now about 1400 students are studying in the school from class five to class Tweleve. The school has marvelous  infrastructure with well furnished  laboratory, library and play ground. Moreover  all classroom have been equipped with high Tech facilities since 2018.

       State level participatetion in sports, Arts snd work Experience  is increasing year by year. Brillant academic performance in SSLC   and higher secondary  examination for last ten years has been  acclowdged by district  administration pathanamthitta. St behanans high secondary  school is now a leading school in Pathanamthitta district.

Aiming to Be the Best
Today, the role of a school is not only to pursue academic excellence but also to motivate and empower its students to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and productive members of an ever-changing global society. St.Behanan’s HSS Vennikulam is run under the aegis of Catholicate and MD Schools Corporate Management, under the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. We provide an atmosphere to our students for multifaceted development, where children are encouraged to channelize their potential in the pursuit of excellence. This can only be possible in a holistic, student-centric environment.
Education is not just a process of giving knowledge for a future job but a lifelong process which creates an understanding of moral and ethical values to guide one’s life in a right path. We are proud to be working with the Parents to ensure that students are given the right knowledge to face the future challenges. Parents, students and the school authorities are a team and we have to complement each other’s efforts.
 At St.Behanan’s HSS, we focus on complete development of our students by involving them in both scholastic & co-scholastic activities.
 “If a plant is carefully nurtured by a gardener, it will become good, and produce better fruits.”  With all my love, best wishes and blessings

Dr.Jacob Abraham

  I feel very privileged to be the Headmistress of this superb school, full of happy, well-behaved children, who are a joy to teach. I am very excited to welcome the children back to school. We have extremely dedicated and supportive staff, who work hard to provide the best opportunities for all of our children in a safe and happy environment. We are without a doubt a consistently good school offering a well-rounded education. We are extremely proud that our children achieve well above the State average. As a school, we are always looking for new ways to improve and grow. Our staff, coupled with supportive parents, contribute greatly to the success of our school. We all work together with a common goal, to ensure that our children are happy and successful
                        Our philosophy for education is to encourage and develop children’s abilities and talents so that each child grows into a confident, independent individual. We want our pupils to develop the ability to think and reason and to understand how our mindset can help us to be successful. We have high expectations for every individual and we encourage respect and a sense of pride.
We are passionate about creating a ‘learning’ institution that is dynamic and constantly seeking excellence to meet the needs of the present as well as the future, while learning from the ethical and moral value systems of the Indian past. We promote tolerance, mutual respect and international-mindedness. It is our commitment to mould children to be open to thinking globally and be prepared for life anywhere in the world.
                           As parents and teachers, it is our commitment to adopt ways and means to channelise the talents and energy of our students into creative community building. With this noble sense of purpose may I request all staff, parents and well wishers to join hands as we take St. Behanan’s to greater heights.
Education is a foundation for a better future
Let us remember,
“One Book, One Pen, One Child and One Teacher can change the world”.
– Malala Yousafzai 


St Behanan

In the fourth century AD, there lived a king in Asoor(Persia)  Zen Hereeb. He was a worshiper of Goddess Bel, Belthi & Kevon. He used to surrender all his powers and glory before these goddesses. This king was wildly known as a persecutor of christians. He had 2 children, Prince Behanan which means reputable or honourable and Princess Sara. Sara was confined to a room in the palace since she was suffering from the dreaded disease ‘Leprosy’, she was undergoing treatment by the palace physicians and also offering sacrifices before these Goddess. Inspite of all this there was no improvement in her disease.
During this period, Behanan went on a hunting spree to the forest and he alighted on a wild goat. But failed miserably in his attempt to kill the goat. Desperately he had to spent the night in the valley of Ninave. In the meantime the goat climbed the hill and vanished into safety. That night while Behanan went to sleep, he heard a noise, opening his eyes he saw a saintly figure with a glory of thousand suns. And as directed by the Saint the next day morning he walked upto the top of the mountain and came to the Ashram of Mar Mathai. There they also saw the wild goat which they had chased invain the previous day. Mar Mathai fearing the persecution of Zen Hereeb fled from Tigris river to the mountain at Ninave. Mar Mathai told Behanan that his sister’s leprosy would be cured if he believes in Jesus of Nazareth.
Thus as directed by Behanan, his sister was brought to the outskirts of Asoor town where Mar Mathai touched Sara and made her promise that she would forsake Satan and accept Christ as her Saviour. He also baptised her and from this moment, she was totally cured of her leprosy, consequent to this incident Behanan and his followers asserted their faith in Christianity.
On hearing the news of his children being converted to Christianity, Zen Hereeb became furious and ordered that both Behanan and Sara should come and worship before the Gods and Goddess of Asoor. They refused to obey the order and therefore the King Zen Hereeb sent his commander-in-chief and ordered to behead the 25 year old Behanan, 20 year old Sara and their followers and they were slain in public. The king decided to burn the bodies of Behanan, Sara and their followers however before this could takeplace the earth split into two and swallowed these Saints.
After few years the Asoor Kingdom went through great crisis. The king fell ill. He summoned Mar Mathai who prayed and the diseases of the King was cured. The King, Queen and his followers accepted Christianity. And as a token of respect to the departed Behanan and Sara, a ‘Sahadha Mandiram’ was constructed. This was later known as ‘ Besguba Dayara ‘.
The relics of Behnam and Sarah are kept at the Monastery of Saints Behnam and Sarah in Iraq. Some relics of the saints are also contained in the Monastery of Saint Menas in Cairo. As well as this, the Syriac Orthodox Church of the Forty Martyrs at Mardin in Turkey purports to contain the remains of Saint Behnam. 
There are pictures in Niranam Church, which depicts the scene of Prince Behanan reaching the monastery of Mar Mathai and seeing the deer with a cross on its forehead. Though the Orthodox Church celebrates the feast of St. Behanan on the 10th of December, for some reason, the feast is celebrated on 27 th of December at the Niranam Church.