Founder and Managers of Catholicate and MD Schools.

Founder and Managers

His Grace Pulikottil Joseph Mar Dionasios II (1893--1909)

Mar Dionasios Joseph II was born on 12 November 1833,in Pulikotil family at Kunnamkulam. In AD 1863, the Church chose him as the Metropolitan of Malankara. In accordance with the decision Patriarch of Anthioc Mar Yakub II ordained him as Bishop in 1865. Throughout his life he fought against the anti - Orthodox actvities of foriegn missionaries in the name of reformation and in the end he emerged victorious. The present Orthodox church in India owes much to him for protecting the faith of our fathers. With Mor Gregorius Geevarghese Chathuruthy of Parumala and Mor Athanasius Paulos Kadavil of Aluva, Mor Dionysius engaged himself in the task of rejuvenating the church. He brought about much needed structure to the administration of the Church and started theological seminaries. In 1870, he started a Syriac printing press, Saint Thomas, at Cochin, for publishing Syriac prayer books. At around the same time he started a Church magazine 'Kerala Pathaka' in Malayalam, which was later merged with another news magazine, 'Paschimathara'. Unfortunately this Church magazine was discontinued due to financial problems. But again in January 1892, another monthly, 'Edavaka Patrika' started publication from Kottayam Marthoma Press.During his tenure as Malankara Metropolitan, a large gathering of Roman Catholics from Goa, joined the Suryani Church. Fr. Alvarez, a member of this group, was later consecrated as Metropolitan Mor Yulios by Mor Dionysius in 1889. Due to the influence of Metropolitan Mor Yulius, another group of Roman Catholics from Ceylon and America too joined the Suryani Church. Their leader Fr. Rene Villate was ordained as Metropolitan Mor Timotheos in 1892. He also started a new Seminary at Kottayam (M.D Seminary) along with an English medium school. He had great care for the comming generations and this made him start new schools throughout Kerala. After serving the Church through turbulent days for more than half a century, Mor Dionysius died at the age of 76 on July 11, 1909 and was entombed at the Old Seminary Church, Kottayam.

His Grace Vattasseril Gheevarghese Mar Dionasios (1909--1934)

St. Geevarghese Mar Dionysius Vattasseril, Malankara Metropolitan, was a bright light for the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church that illumined during her dark and tumultuous times and possessed the vision to bring the Church triumphantly from the bonds of foreign oppression. Thirumeni dedicated his entire life to secure the freedom and welfare of the Holy Church.His great triumph lay in the ability to unite the entire Church, both the priests and laymen to follow his lead. He was incredibly gifted in many fields, a multifarious genius. He was a spiritual leader, a theological educator, scholar of languages, literature and traditions. He was a dignified, valorous and noble personality with a remarkable commanding power. In recognition of his incredible expertise in Syriac and theology he was designated as Malankara Malpan. He was appointed as Principal of M. D. Seminary, Kottayam as he was both a great scholar and administrator.

His Holiness Gheevarghese Mar Baselius II Catholicos (1934–1964)

His Grace Paret Mathews Mar Ivanios (1964–1971)

His Holiness Moran Baselios Mar Thoma Mathews I Catholicos (1971–1979) )

His Grace Joseph Mar Pachomios (1979–1991)

His Grace Thomas Mar Athanasios

His Grace is a celebrated educationist, an efficient administrator and a pioneer priest in organising congregations in western India like Andheri and Bandra in Maharastra; Udaipur in Rajastan; Vapi, Balsar, Surat, Baruch, Anand, Bhavnagar, Mehsana, Rajkot, Porbandar and Veravel in Gujarat. His Grace is the founder Principal of Basil School, Baroda, and founded 6 other schools in Gujarat. These six schools including The Gujarat Refinery English Medium School are under The Trust of the Society of St. Basil; the founder of the Society of St. Basil was the late Geevarghese Mar Philoxinos of Puthencavu .
Being an educationist, his approach is completely ‘child oriented’ and nothing is more important to him than the welfare and all-round personality development of the students. He has novel ideas for improving teaching techniques and he inspires even the mediocre students to excel. Consequently, today there are hundreds of “his children” who are serving the society as successful doctors, engineers, teachers, researchers, executives etc.Besides being the Metropolitan of the Diocese of Chengannur, His Grace served The Malankara Sabha in various capacities; such as the Secretary of The Holy Episcopal Synod, the Manager of the Catholicate & M.D. Schools, the President of Akhila Malankara Balasamajam, the President of Akhila Malankara Prarthana Yogam and the President of the Church Accounts Committee and the President of the Church Finance Committee. Currently, he is the president of “Divyasandesam” – Visual Media Communications, the President of Malankara Orthodox Church Publications and the President of Akhila Malankara Orthodox Gayaka Sangham. The first Sunday in December observed in the Church as the birth of John the Baptist was first observed in his Diocese as “Shishu Dinam” and this day is now observed in the entire Church as “Shishu Dinam”. A Coaching class for the children of classes 5th to 10th & 12th appearing for Sunday School Competitive Examinations was first introduced in this Diocese

His Grace Paulose Mar Pachomios (2002--2008)

H.G joined the Bethany Ashram in 1968. His B.D from the prestigious Bishops College, Calcutta laid the strong foundation for his theological studies. H.G went to England in 1978 and came back with his M.Th(Theology ) from Leeds University in 1980. H.G was called in to the first order of Stewardship in 1973 when he was ordained as Deacon by H.G. Mathews Mar Ivanios , Parete of Kottayam Diocese and visitor Bishop of Bethany Ashram Perunadu. He was ordained to the holy Priesthood on 8th of January 1974 by HG Mathews Mar Athanasius, Catholicose Designate, as Fr.Paulose OIC. HG was elected as the superior of Bethany Ashram in 1986, and served until he was elected as bishop. The Parumala Association held in 1992 elected him as Bishop. Fr.Paulose was ordained as Paulose Ramban on the 18th of December 1992 by H.G.Thomas Mar Themothios Catholicose Designate. H.G was ordained as Bishop on the 16th of August by H.H.Mathews 2nd. As a good shepherd he served in Medical college Chapel Kottayam, St. Thomas church Changanassery, St.Thomas church Perunadu,St. Gregorios Church London and St.Marys church Vadasserikkara for nearly two decades. H.G had extended his stewardship as assistant Metroplitan of Angamally and Idukki Dioceses. H.G became the first Bishop of Mavelikara Diocese when it was formed in 2002. 
H.G had a vivacious and dynamic personality and through his leadership the Mavelikara Diocese had grown from strength to strength. ‘THEO Bhavan’ Aramana the head Quarters of Mavelikara Diocese which was constructed in a very short period is an excellent example of his excellence as an administrator. Now the Diocese has 40 churches and 12 chapels. The services of Mar Pachomios was not limited to the diocese of Mavelikara he always made the very best use of his talents for the overall development of the church. He was the first secretary of Religious Committee of Orthodox Churches. He also served as Sunday School Text Book Committee member. Balikamatom School Governing Board member and later one of the Trustees of the same. As a Metropolitan he served as the President of Marthamariam Samajam. His most notable service was his tenure as the Manager of Catholicate and MD Schools. H.G. was serving as the Bishop vice-president of MGOCSM since 1993. He was the president of YMCA Ranni -Perunadu region and one of its prominent resource persons. Presently HG was a member of Parumala Seminary Council and Orthodox Theological Seminary Governing Board.HG had represented Orthodox Church in various inter church councils especially in inter church council for education. He was also the representative of Orthodox Church in the Nilakkal Ecumenical Trust. Mar Pachomios was one of the leading retreat fathers of the church. He showed the path and light to many monastic communities. Kizhakkambalam Bethlahem St Marys convent, Ranni Holy Trinity Ashram continues in His path of pursuit of holiness. His services as a humanist and missionary are inestimable. He served as the President of St. Thomas Balabhavan Haripad, Mar Dionysius old age Home Chepadu. It was his effort and leadership that made Theo Nivas Pazhamthotam a reality.Mar Pachomios was a Bishop who strongly kept the Orthodox traditions and values and advocates for a new vigor and splendor for the church. He was always ready to extend his hands to the poor and browbeaten. He worked tirelessly to make his numerous dreams about the church into realities.

His Grace Mathews Mar Theodosius (2008-)

His Grace’s early education was in Thalavady. After passing the S. S. L. C. Examination His Grace became a member of Perunad Bethany Ashram. Graduating in English literature as a student of Baselius College Kottayam, His Grace joined the Orthodox Theological Seminary, took his B. D. degree and was ordained as a priest in 1982.His Grace took M. A. in History from the University of Kerala and B.Ed. from Sardar Patel University. His Grace was the Principal of Bethany St. John’s Higher Secondary School during the period between 1987 and 1996. His Grace had been the President of Perunad YMCA for a long time. His Grace is the Secretary of the Sanyasi-Sanyasini Sangham of the Malankara Orthodox Church.From 1996 His Grace has been the Superior of Bethany Ashram. His Grace has also served as the Manager of Angamuzhy Orthodox Centre and member of the Ecumenical Trust. His Grace was ordained as Ramban at Parumala on 4th December.His Grace is serving the Idukki Diocese as its Metropolitan.

Present Manager till date

Mar Meletius got into the services of Our Lord being ordained a deacon in 1973 by His Grace Paulose Mar Phelexinos, the then metropolitan of Kandanad Diocese. He was ordained a priest in 1986 by His Beatitude Catholicos Baselios Paulose II. HH Patriarc Ignatius Zakka I, ordained him as Ramban on 22 December 1990 and as Bishop on 23 December 1990 in Damascus. Since then, he is serving the Trissur Diocese as its Metropolitan.As a priest, he was teaching at MSOT Seminary, Udaigiri. He was also serving as the vicar of St Mary’s Church, Valampur, for about four years.  His Grace is also served as the president of Orthodox Christian Youth Movement.A scholar, His Grace is a visiting professor to the Orthodox seminaries at Nagpur and Kottayam. An accomplished writer, Mar Meletius has few books—Verukal Thedi, Manavikathayude Kazhchapadukal, Swatantravum Swayam Paryapthathayum—to his credit.This widely travelled Bishop has also published numerous articles in different publications.Visit the new website of H.G.Mar Meletius Metropolitan: